Thursday, 23 May 2013

Book review: Strong Woman, by Karren Brady

I was reading this book for about a month - it's really good, but it's quite big so I haven't been taking it out and about, and it's not gripping in the way some fiction is. I finally finished it a week or so ago, so here are my thoughts!

As you can see, I got it from The Works, and I later learnt that I got it about a week before the paperback edition was released - so I think this must be the airport paperback. It has the same cover art as the hardback, anyway.
I really enjoyed this book - Karren is very down-to-earth all the way through, and really doesn't take herself too seriously but without being self-deprecating. She's open about her mistakes and also about her successes, which I found very refreshing. I'm yet to read Lean In, but this feels less aggressive than I've heard that book is - anyone who has read them both is very welcome to correct me though!
At the end of the book are a series of rules and thoughts which I'll probably come back to once I'm looking for/ working in a grad job. It's all about being realistic in working out what you want to do and then working your arse off to get there, as far as I can tell!
I would definitely recommend this book to all women and girls with ambition, and any guys who want to learn what corporate life is like for women. It's not a gripping, unputdownable mystery novel, and it never would be, but it's something I think most of us ought to read at least a bit of!

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