Thursday, 5 September 2013

Book Review: Crash - How I Lost a Hundred Billion and Found True Love, by Julian Gough.

I haven’t read a whole lot of short-novella-length works, and I think How I Lost a Hundred Billion and Found True Love by Julian Gough was a great introduction.

It is a ‘comic romp through the sovereign debt crisis’ and I found it both to be very funny and also quite edifying. There was a very good explanation of how we got into the debt crisis in the first place, and although I study Economics at uni (as a minor, thank goodness) this was the best explanation of that I’ve ever read!

This book is really, really fun. I enjoyed working out which country was which, as they were all given pseudonyms. Obviously ‘Paella’ is Spain, but the others are more tricky. Towards the end there is a scene where two characters are falling off something (to tell you more would be a spoiler) and it reminded me of a slightly parodic version of the imagery used by Ian McEwan in the library scene of Atonement.

Four out of five stars.

This was a Review Copy provided by the publishers, DailyLit. 

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