Thursday, 24 April 2014

Recipe hack: spicy meatball and rice bake

Last night it was my turn to make dinner (I'm at home for the Easter holidays), and my mum gave me this recipe card, and the contents of the fridge/freezer.

Now, this looks delicious, doesn't it?
Just a couple of small problems. We had spicy beef meatballs, not lamb - and no harissa paste.

So I switched the harissa paste and cinnamon out for paprika and a Cajun spice mix, and skipped the parsley entirely - making the whole recipe a bit cheaper as well as absolutely delicious. I'm not particularly good with spices, so I had a little dollop of houmous with mine to cool it down a little, as well as a big portion of salad leaves to add some greenery.

Next time, I'm going to use kidney beans instead of the meatballs, and add mixed sliced pepper and peas near the end of the cooking time, to get an even more budget-friendly one pot meal.

I highly recommend trying this, and other Waitrose recipe cards. I made these burgers last weekend to universal approval (though I baked them rather than frying, so they didn't fall apart!)

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