Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Week's News

I'm pretty heartbroken by the news from this week. This post, which I wrote at 4.50 am on Friday morning, just after the BBC had declared that the Leave side had won the EU Referendum, sums up my immediate feelings.
For most of Friday I found it difficult to think past the next couple of weeks: I'm going to Madrid at the start of July, so how will the passport control office in the EU queue look at me when I hand them my UK passport? Since then I've moved through every emotion on the spectrum.

I got some other news on Friday, too: my final degree results. I'm now incredibly happy to be able to say I got a 2.1 in my BSc (Hons) Politics with Economics from the University of Bath. It's bittersweet: as you may know, the foreign languages classes which provided such a great part of my uni experience are being cut, and most of my essays are now completely out of date. What I'm especially proud of is my dissertation, which was graded as first class. The question I wrote my dissertation on was Germany, Guilt and the European Union: Past, Present and Future (see what I mean about out of date already...) and I plan to share parts of it, as well as of my other uni work, here on the blog. It's also worth noting that I managed to achieve an average mark in final year that was nearly 10 percentage points higher than in second year (when I was suffering first from physical illness and then from a pretty horrible nervous breakdown) - so it can be done!

Yesterday I went to engage in a little retail therapy, and once I've worked out exactly what I think of what I bought I'll write about it: one thing I wanted to share immediately is that I bought Rimmel's 60 second nail polish (which is a favourite formula of mine, and only £2.99) in shade Danny Boy Blue, which is a pretty good match for EU blue. It's only £2 on Amazon.

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