Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Non-Fiction Summer Reading

What better summer reading is there than narrative non-fiction that transports you to another place or time? Even if you're curled up on your own sofa or stretched out in your hometown's park, these books can feel like a journey.

This is a month-by-month account (with each month generally linking to some aspect of Danish life) of Russell's first year living in Denmark, thanks to her husband having been offered a job at Lego in Billund (dream job right there for a lot of kids, I think!). For anyone wanting to do a little more self-care or thinking of emigrating (and doing so while they're still an EU citizen...) this is a book I highly recommend. There are lessons from it that you can take even without moving to Denmark: look after yourself, stay active, and don't spend all your waking hours in the office.

(PS: Judging by some of the books coming out in September, Hygge will be a huge trend this Autumn/ Winter, so get ahead while you can!)

It's an Olympic year and I'm an Olympic nut so of course I was going to recommend an Olympic book. The catch - I'm not actually that into sports books. If I'm recommending one, then, you can be pretty sure it's worth reading and enjoyable - and this is! It follows the men who made up the US's rowing eight for the 1936 Berlin Olympics, most of them from pretty humble backgrounds. I learnt a lot more about a sport that I'd previously only had vague knowledge of, and it was super inspiring. I would recommend this to any other Olympic nuts! With Rio a few hours behind the UK, there'll be time for reading every morning before the television coverage starts...

Another tale of bravery and guts, this is the can't-quite-believe it story of a mission that, if it were in a novel, everyone would call so ridiculous as to be unpublishable. The British Government wanted to mislead Hitler's forces to believe that they would attack from a different direction than that which was actually planned... so they wrote fake plans into a letter, which was left with a fake dead soldier on a Spanish beach. Yep. This book reads like a thrilling spy novel and you won't be able to put it down. Perfect for travel days and especially when stuck on a delayed flight or in an airport...

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