Tuesday, 29 November 2016

£2 Tuesdays 1: Giving Tuesday, Help Refugees

As part of my goals to decrease worldsuck* I wanted to find a way to start giving money to charity more regularly and more intentionally. Today is Giving Tuesday: the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the USA. It seemed like a perfect day to kick this off.

I'm part of the Pantsuit Nation group on Facebook, originally a secret Hillary campaign group and now a place for solidarity and togetherness. Recently there have been lots of wedding photos of couples looking to put their relationships on solid legal footings before attacks from Trump and his nativist, neo-fascist** associates. In a Guardian article about this group and similar others, the concept of 'two dollar Tuesdays' was mentioned: donating a small amount to a progressive cause each week.

I like it.

So from now on, every Tuesday, whether I post about it here or not, I'll be giving £2 to a charity I care about (suggestions of causes you care about very much welcome!).

This week: Help Refugees, the largest distributor of aid to refugees of all grassroots organisations in Europe. You can read about them here and buy their t-shirts here (I've just ordered a second).

Next week: the world.

*Phrase from Hank & John Green, the vlogbrothers.
**Calling them 'alt-right' normalises their disgusting rhetoric, which I refuse to do. Some clever people agree with me.
PS: If you're a UK Taxpayer please think about adding Gift Aid to your donations: the charity can get an extra 25p for every £1 you donate, reclaimed from the income taxes you pay the government.

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